UNG Projects

Current UNG Projects:

  • UNG Docs Next Generation Web Office
  • SlapOS Distributed Cloud Operating System and billing platform

For most people, UNG Docs is a Web Office suite which provides word processor, spreadsheet, illustration based on W3C standards. UNG Docs can store data locally on a tablet PC or split encrypted data on multiple remote servers. UNG Docs envisions to become an open source component framework which can be used to build javascript user interfaces for enterprise applications. UNG Docs could thus be used to develop front-ends of enterprise applications such ERP, ECM, CRM, etc. and enforce interoperability between different suppliers of enterprise software.

SlapOS is a Cloud Operating System which can be used to start doing business on the Cloud in a couple of hours. SlapOS manages the distribution, the provisionning and the migration of software applications on any Cloud. It is based on a reflexive and distributed architecture so that the failure of one server or of one Cloud provider does not lead to massive outages. SlapOS includes a billing model at its core so that independent Cloud providers can help each other automatically and trust to be paid for the commodity resources they provided each other. SlapOS can also be used to enforce interoperability between Cloud providers with or without their consent. 

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